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Open a Fintech Company in Poland

Open a Fintech Company in Poland

Poland is a favored destination to start a business in Europe because of its location and low business management costs. Investors who open a fintech company in Poland have a number of advantages, including but not limited to the country’s openness to encourage these types of services tailored to the needs of the financial industry – both the corporations and the clients.

Company formation in Poland is a simple process and foreign investors can talk to one of our agents who specialize in the incorporation of any business forms.

The financial technology business sector in Poland

Fintech companies in Poland provide services needed to companies in the banking and the financial industries. Their solutions, however, can be both targeted towards corporate needs, such as providing internal software solutions, and towards the customers, such as developing software for a better interaction between the bank and the client.

Polish companies in the fintech sector offer solutions for electronic payments, financial platforms, solutions for sales platforms or analytics. Apart from having a market that encourages the cooperation between banks and fintech companies, Poland has another important advantage: it has a pool of talented IT specialists.

International companies involved in the fintech sector have already caught on the business potential and the benefits that exist for those who open a Polish company. The country has a favorable investment regime and allows for full foreign ownership.

Types of fintech activities in Poland

Investors who start a fintech business can engage in a number of activities related to financial technologies. These are mainly related to the digitization of traditional financial services. The following list includes a few examples:

  1. Financial and wealth management: services and platforms designed to help individuals and investors with actual investment counseling and advice and guidance related to money management;
  2. Payment platforms: another option for those who open a company in Poland in this sector is to offer services that streamline online payments.
  3. Crowdfunding: this category encompasses more types of alternative financing methods but a popular option is to open a crowdfunding platform. 
  4. Banking solutions: essentially the digitization of the traditional services that would have been available to clients of Polish banks.

When opening a new company, investors need to choose an appropriate type of legal entity in Poland. We suggest that you talk to one of our Polish company formation agents for detailed information about a specific type of company that would be suited to your business needs.

Contact us for more details information about the steps for opening a fintech business in Poland and for assistance as per your company registration needs.