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How to Make Changes to Your Polish Company

The business registration information can change during the lifetime of a company. The business address, the company name, the involvement of new partners or their retirement, as well as the nature of the business, can all be subject to changes.

As an investor, you should know how to make changes to your Polish company as it is mandatory to notify the authorities of any changes that take place in the company. The process for submitting the changes will depend on the particular modification that is intended and can also differ according to the chosen type of company. We recommend getting in touch with one of our agents who specialize in company registration in Poland in order to receive complete assistance when making changes to a Polish company.

Below, we list some of the most common changes:

  • • Change of business address: it is not uncommon to change the registered address of the business when it becomes more convenient for the management to relocate the address. 
  • • Change of business name: the business name can be changed provided that the new name is available; investors can perform an online check.
  • • Changing the scope of the business: any changes in the nature of the business, or new activities that are being added to the ones performed by the Polish business must be notified to the authorities.
  • • New partners/retired partners: it is common for business partners to retire or for new members to join the company; their details will be made public.
  • • Change the business type: as the business evolves, it may be necessary to change the type of company, for example from a private limited company to a public one.

How do you change the company name?

The company name can be changed by means of a special resolution adopted by the company’s Board members. The new name will observe all of the requirements as well as the applicable restrictions, for example, it will include a suffix according to the type of company.

A company can later its Articles of Association by means of a special resolution that is executed as a notarial deed.

How do you change the company’s registered address?

All companies in Poland must have a registered address which is included in the company’s Articles of Association. For this change to be possible, a resolution is also required and the new address needs to be provided. The new details will be included in the public information on the company, available via a search of the National Court Register. One of our agents who are accustomed to the process of company registration in Poland can assist individuals who wish to perform these searches.

Other changes for Polish companies

Another significant change that can take place in case of a Polish company is modifying the type of legal entity. This can be done from a partnership to a corporation, from a sole trader to a corporation or from one type of corporation to another, such as from a private limited liability company to a public limited liability company. There can be significant advantages when making these changes, however, this is beyond the scope of this article. One of our agents can help you register a company in Poland once the details on the new legal entity are complete and it is ready to be registered in the National Court Register.

When making changes to the company particulars, entrepreneurs should remember that these changes need to be notified to the National Register within a number of days. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in penalties for the company. Individuals who wish to know more about this can reach out to our Polish company formation agents.

All of the relevant changes to the company details are to be registered in the National Court Register and the process will include a fee of approximately 250 PLN (or nearly 60 euros). The time needed for the changes to become officially registered can be between two weeks and one month, depending on the number of changes and the manner in which the submission is made (if all of the documents are properly submitted). The next step is to announce the changes in the Official Journal.

Changing the particularities of a company is a process that involves several steps and will require making proper submissions as well as gathering all of the needed documents. Company owners who wish to make certain changes, as well as those who need to make them on a mandatory basis, can reach out to our Polish company formation agents for complete assistance. Contact us to find out more about how we can help investors make changes to an already registered Polish company.