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4 Reasons to Launch a Start-Up in Poland

4 Reasons to Launch a Start-Up in Poland

Poland has important potential for start-up formation in terms of favourable business climate, entrepreneur expertise, and Government support. The mix of these three elements is found in a number of key business fields and represents one of the reasons to launch a start-up in Poland.

1. Investment incentives

The Polish Government supports foreign investments and encourages young, innovative entrepreneurs through a series of targeted investment incentives. The Programme for supporting investments of major importance to the Polish Economy for years 2011-2020 offers a special grant to investors in fields like automotive and aviation, biotechnology, food processing and many others.

2. R&D support

The research and development sector in Poland is one of the business fields that show the greatest potential for development. Poland has more than 400 higher education institutions and an important number of university graduates each year. Research and development activities are financed through government grants but also through private sector investments.

3. Special Economic Zones

Poland has 14 Special Economic Zones spread throughout its territory. These areas are selected zones where investments are encouraged through a series of incentives exemptions and access to business facilities. Each of the fourteen zones has its own management board and particularities for investments. Foreign investors who want to open a company here need to obtain a license for functioning for that particular zone.

4. Industrial and Technology Parks

The Special Economic Zones are not the only areas where start-ups in Poland can benefit from a larger support and research facilities. The Poznan Science and Technology Park was the first of its kind. These areas are designed to create favourable business conditions and encourage the collaboration between investors, at the same time creating new workplaces in Poland.

Polish start-up founders are taking advantage of the existing facilities and collaborating to create their own innovative community. In recent years, Poland’s start-up world has begun to see more and more innovative products and concepts.

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