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Virtual Office in Poland

Virtual Office in Poland

The virtual office in Warsaw is a physical address for a business that can be used to incorporate a company in Poland and at the same time manage the business without having to support the upkeep of a traditional office space. The main advantage of the virtual office is that it offers a great degree of flexibility to the owners and the employees of a Polish company: they can choose to work from the virtual office headquarters or remote, having at all times a dedicated address and mail forwarding services.

Investors can choose to work via a virtual office in Poland, especially if their company is a startup or a small business. This option can be chosen during the first steps needed to open a company in Poland.

Quick Facts  
  Best used for  Start-up companies
Businesses that are location independent
Small or medium companies

Virtual office in Poland advantages

Lower overall monthly costs compared to a traditional office
On-demand services, payable as needed

Registered address option 

Location in Poland

Central location in Warsaw and other cities

Coworking spaces A virtual office in Poland also offers co-working spaces
Individual offices

Yes, upon request. Prices can differ

Meeting rooms

Yes. Usually booked in advance

Connectivity High-speed wireless network
Virtual office in Poland facilities Access to office supplies (can vary)
Meeting room
Secretary services  Yes, upon request
Local business telephone in Poland Yes, upon request
Rent duration Monthly or yearly, depending on the chosen plan
Special packages/plans Professional business solutions that can include access to different types of office spaces
Approximate costs A virtual office in Poland can have a monthly starting cost of PLN 380
Change from traditional office to virtual office in Poland Yes, possible with our assistance

The key traits of the virtual office

A virtual office in Warsaw offers a number of advantages, some of them especially valuable for small businesses that can benefit from reduced office maintenance costs. The fact that the business has fewer costs when working via a virtual office compared to a traditional one is an important advantage for business owners in Poland. The rent/lease costs, as well as those related to equipping the office and hiring cleaning personnel, are inexistent in the case of the virtual office.

Below is a list of the main advantages for investors who choose a special virtual office package:

  • • Flexibility: the virtual office offers a permanent business address, telephone and mail forwarding for the company, however, the owners of the company and the employees can choose to work remote.
  • • Fewer costs: the costs of the virtual office package are lower than those related to renting and managing a traditional office space in Poland.
  • • Readily available services: virtual office packages include a set of standard services useful to any business.
  • • Extra options: whenever the company managers need more office space or perhaps a meeting room, they can include these in the optional services for companies in Poland.

The virtual office is a frequently used solution as more small and medium companies have transitioned to a hybrid work model that includes both remote work as well as in-office work and meetings. For most companies that have found this model to be beneficial, the costs associated with renting a traditional office space (that is only available to that company in question and that includes not only the monthly rent but also the utilities and additional services), keeping up with these costs was no longer justified when all or part of the team moved to remote work. In this case, switching to a virtual office option that suits their needs is justified.

According to a survey performed by the Polish Statistical Office, many employees in the country were affected by remote work and other similar forms of work:

  • – Companies surveyed in the retail trade sector estimated that 5,9% of their employees will work in this manner;
  • – Wholesale trade companies estimated that 17,7% of their employees will work remote; and
  • – only 0,5% of the employees in the accommodation and food service activities were affected by this change in the work regime.

The data was released as part of a survey on the impact on the COVID-19 pandemic on business tendency.


Virtual office package in Poland

Our Polish company formation agents provide a complete virtual office package, suited to the needs of local and foreign entrepreneurs in major Polish cities. Our standard office package includes:

– Local business address: located at prestigious addresses throughout various Polish cities, the virtual office will offer a professional business image. This address will be the address of the registered office.

– Telephone number: the company will be reachable through a common local telephone line and all calls will be redirected as needed.

– Mail collection and forwarding: our agent will collect your mail and forward it as directed.

Our extra services include dedicated fax services and forwarding, bank statement collection and extra meeting room usage.

Please remember that setting up a virtual office is only the first step for doing business in the country. A company may also need to comply with the requirements for VAT registration in Poland, among others. In case you need other types of services in this country, for example obtaining citizenship by investment in Poland, we can put you in touch with our partners.

We invite you to watch a video on how to open a virtual office in Poland:

Virtual office FAQ

Are you thinking about company formation in Poland and still have questions about using a virtual office? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions, answered by our team of incorporation specialists.

Can I change to a virtual office at any time?

Yes. The company’s particulars can be changed at any time after incorporation, however, it is mandatory to notify these to the National Court Register. This is a process that involves gathering the documents that confirm the change, and it can be assisted by our team of company formation specialists.

Where will the virtual address appear?

The virtual office address can be used as the company’s registered address or as its headquarters. For example, the company’s registered address (the one included in the official documents and used for official communications with the Polish authorities) can be a different one, and the one used on the company’s website (where the clients are referred to and where mail or packages are shipped) can be the one of the virtual office building based in Warsaw.

What types of companies can use a virtual office in Warsaw?

This type of service is not reserved for large corporations, it is just as suitable for small companies that largely engage in remote or hybrid work. If your company is a manufacturing one, you will still need to set up a factory or production line, and in this case you will also need to rent and equip a proper location for this, however, you can still rent a virtual office in Warsaw to base part of your operations here.

How much will the virtual office package cost?

The prices vary per package and differ according to the period for which one rents the virtual office space, as well as the amenities that are included. Some examples can include the following:

  • – 200-250 PLN/month: for an indefinite period, a registered address, an address for correspondence, central office address, office space and certain secretary services;
  • – 300 PLN/month: the starting point for virtual office in Warsaw packages that also include a dedicated telephone line, along with other amenities;
  • – 350 PLN/month: for more complex virtual office packages with a fixed telephone line, reception services and unlimited other services.

Please keep in mind that these prices can only be used for informative purposes for those interested in an estimated price for a virtual office package. The final amount will be influenced by other factors, such as any special deductions that may be available at certain times during the year. The price will also vary according to the actual location of the office (more central offices will have higher starting points for all packages).

In most cases, the office buildings are open from Monday to Friday within the usual work hours (from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm), however, extra hours or usage possibilities may be available with certain packages and in certain office locations.

These questions are just some of those commonly asked by investors who are planning on opening a company in Poland and are considering the virtual office option.

Contact our team of agents who specialize in company formation in Poland for more information about the services we provide.

Investors who open a company and run it via a virtual office can also use Poland accounting services provided by our team of experts. We work with a local team of accountants who are able to answer questions about the annual submission requirements, the use of international or domestic accounting standards and much more. You can reach out to us for details.

We can also help you get in touch with other specialists in company incorporation if you need a virtual office in a country like Iran