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Opening a Financial Company in Poland

Opening a Financial Company in Poland

Financial companies in Poland specialise in the provision of economic services and can provide banking services, investment services, foreign exchange services or insurance services. Our company formation experts in Poland can help you open a financial business in Poland

Poland is a country characterised by political and economic stability. Foreign investors in Poland choose the country not only because it provides many opportunities for investment, but because it offers access to qualified workforce, business incentives and special economic zones and a friendly business climate.

Financial companies in Poland can make the most out of what the country has to offer. A constantly expanding market guarantees that financial services will always be needed and clients will rely on independent companies to manage and secure their investments.

Your financial company in Poland

Our Polish company incorporation representatives can assist you throughout the company formation process, from its early stages when you will need to choose a suitable business form for your company, to the more advanced stages that involve company management in Poland.

A financial company in Poland manages, invests, exchanges or deposits money on behalf of its clients. Banks, insurance companies, asset management companies are all working in the financial services sector. The financial services industry has a direct impact on businesses and how they grow and operate. 

When deciding to open a financial company in Poland, you must establish a complete business plan, decide how you will finance your new business and create attractive packages for your clients. You should consider what types of clients you want to address and adjust your offer accordingly. Polish financial companies can provide loans to commercial customers activating in numerous business fields, from small companies to more important businesses.

A financial company incorporated in Poland will require professional tax compliance assistance. When working with our team who offers complete accounting services in Poland, you will not only rest assured that the incorporation phase is easily handled, you will also know that the financial company is fully compliant with the current tax regulations, including value-added tax and payroll matters. 

Successful financial companies in Poland are oriented towards their customers. If you want to know more about the investment climate in Poland and the legislation for foreign investments, please call our company formation agents. We can help you with company formation services in Warsaw and other important Polish cities.