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Opening an IT Company in Poland

Opening an IT Company in Poland

The IT sector in Poland

The Polish IT sector is divided in three: hardware, software and IT services. Companies that operate in the IT sector rarely choose can specialize in one of these areas or provide more than one type of services. In Poland, most of the income in this business field consists of hardware sales, followed by software sales and finally IT services for clients.

The sector is stable and continues to grow which means that more investors are looking towards opening an IT company in Poland. Our experts can help you register a company in Poland that activates in the information and technology sector.

Characteristics of Polish IT businesses

The IT market in Poland is dominated by the hardware sector but sales in the IT services and software have also increased in recent years. Foreign investors who open IT companies in Poland choose the country because of its key advantages: highly qualified workforce, specialists in hardware and software production, high product quality and low costs of production, compared to other countries.

Foreign investments in the IT market are an important factor that contributes to the growth of this sector. Large companies like Microsoft, HP, Google and IBM have opened offices in Poland and foreign companies are located in almost all large Polish cities. However, the top Polish cities for investments in the IT sector are Warsaw and Wroclaw.

Start an IT company in Poland

The perspectives for the IT sector in Poland are looking encouraging, especially considering the rapid development of new markets such as cloud computing, the mobile solutions market or the social media market.

If you want to open a company in Poland and invest in the IT business, our company formation consultants can help you choose the suitable type of company. We will help you register your business and obtain any necessary business permits from the Polish authorities.

Poland also offers certain types of state aid for investors. The Special Economic Zones provide good investment locations equipped with the necessary technical infrastructure. If you would like to know more about investing in Poland you can contact our Polish company formation representatives.