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Polish Joint-Stock Company

Polish Joint-Stock Company

The Polish joint-stock company (SA) is a form of legal entity with legal personality. It is generally used for large businesses and it can be founded by one or more individuals. 

According to Polish law, foreigners from the European Union Member States and the European Free Trade Association Member States have the same right and obligations for doing business in Poland as Polish nationals. Foreigners from other countries need to comply with certain regulations in order to be able to run a business in Poland, such as having a residence permit. Our Polish company formation specialists can help you incorporate a joint-stock company in Poland.

General requirements for joint-stock companies in Poland

The minimum share capital of a Polish joint-stock company is at least 100,000 PLN (approximately 24,000 EUR) and the shareholders are only liable to the extent of their capital contributions. The capital must be divided into shares with a minimum nominal value of at least 0,01 PLN and the contributions can be made in cash and/or in kind. The shares of a Polish joint-stock company can be listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange or other stock exchanges. The joint-stock company has unlimited liability.

A joint-stock company must have certain governing bodies: a Management Board (composed of at least one individual), a Supervisory Board (which is mandatory) and the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Setting up a joint-stock company in Poland

Most business entities in Poland require a document that proves the incorporation of the company. For joint-stock companies, a notarial deed must be drawn up. All Polish companies must be registered at the National Court Register and the business must also be registered at the relevant tax authorities and the social security office.

The entire company registration process in Poland can extend to approximately one or two months. Our company formation experts in Poland can help you accomplish all the necessary steps and deal with any complications.

All Polish companies and partnerships have certain accounting and filing requirements, along with requirements for VAT registration in Poland (when applicable in their business field). Legal entities must submit annual financial statements, according to the Polish accounting law and financial audits are usually necessary for large companies. 

The tax and reporting requirements for the Polish joint stock company can be explained in more detail by our team of accountants in Poland. We are able to answer any questions concerning corporate taxation, the current tax rates, the tax payment deadlines and any information about VAT registration and reporting. You can trust our team to answer any questions and solve complex tax matters.

Our company incorporation firm in Poland can help you with various issues related to company formation. Please contact us if you are interested in investing in Poland and need additional information.