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Opening a Restaurant in Poland

Opening a Restaurant in Poland

The Polish cuisine

Polish food is hearty and fulfilling. Poles take their food seriously and take as much time as they need to enjoy special meals, like the ones during traditional holidays. Investors who want to open a Polish restaurant should know that there are several steps that need to be fulfilled and when processing and distributing foodstuffs in Poland, businesses need to obtain special permits and licenses.

Whether or not you want to open a traditional Polish restaurant or are planning on delighting locals with other international cuisines, the experts at our Polish company formation firm can tell you all there is to know about entering the restaurant business in Poland.

Restaurants in Poland

Polish cuisine has been influenced by other Slavic countries like Ukraine and Russia or other Central European countries like Germany, Austria or Hungary. A thing they all have in common is hearty dishes prepared with traditional ingredients.

restaurant in Poland will operate like any other company in Poland. Investors will need to open a company, usually a limited liability company, and perform all the necessary steps for registering the company with the Polish authorities and prepare it for performing business activities, including registering the new restaurant as a VAT payer.

Wroclaw, Krakow or Gdansk are important Polish cities where restaurant owners will have access to a wide range of clients or tourists visiting Poland. However, smaller towns are also attractive for tourists and restaurants are often times a good investment opportunity for foreign investors.

After the incorporation procedure is complete, the new restaurant will need to be opened in an attractive location. Depending on the type of restaurant, owners might choose to purchase a new location or renovate an existing one. Our Polish experts can provide various services, like real estate due diligence, to make sure that the new location is a good purchase.

Special considerations about Polish restaurants

Because restaurants store, produce and commercialize food products that will be delivered to individuals they need to observe special health regulations and also obtain special permits and licenses for commercializing food products and alcoholic beverages.

Poland, like other European countries, needs to comply with the EU rules and regulations for food safety. The food safety authorities in Poland include The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate at the Ministry of Health (deals with health policy and food safety) and The National Institute of Public Health

Please contact our company formation specialists in Poland if you want to open a restaurant or are interested in investing in other business sectors in Poland.