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Open a Hotel in Poland

Open a Hotel in Poland

Tourism is one of Poland’s economic pillars which is why the Government is currently trying to amend its laws in order to encourage its development. Over the years, the hotel industry flourished alongside the other branches of the tourism sector which why it has now become very profitable to open a hotel in Poland. Recent statistics show that there are around 2,000 hotels in the country accounting for more than 80,000 jobs. However, the hotel industry influences around 300,000 employees due to the complex services they offer, among which catering and spa services.

Our experts in company registration in Poland can provide you with more information about the development of the tourism industry.

Setting up a hotel in Poland

The laws governing hotels in Poland are the Commercial Law which provides for the incorporation of companies, the Tourism Services Act and the European Directives. During the last few years, the Polish Chamber of Tourism together with several other governmental institutions have worked towards amending the tourism legislation in order to provide investors with an advantageous framework for opening hotels in this country.

All companies offering hotel services are required to obtain a license. Our specialists in Poland can assist foreign investors by preparing and filing the company incorporation documents with the Trade Register.

Classification of hotels in Poland

Apart from the company registration procedure, hotels must fulfill certain conditions as they are subject to a classification prior to their opening. Accommodation establishments in Poland are divided into:

  • –          hotels;
  • –          motels;
  • –          guest houses;
  • –          camping establishments;
  • –          youth hostels;
  • –          houses for tourists;
  • –          bivouacs.

Their classification ranges from one to five stars, as it follows:

  • –          hotels and motels must have at least 10 rooms;
  • –          guest houses must have at least 7 rooms;
  • –          hostels must have at least 30 dormitories.

These establishments must also secure central heating and hot and cold water 24/7. Customers must also be granted access to phones and fax machines at all times. Depending on the hotel, the surface of the rooms differs based on the number of stars awarded.

For complete information about the requirements for hotel classification and licensing, do not hesitate to contact our consultants in company formation in Poland.