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Open a Polish Business for Selling Coffee, Tea and Spices

Open a Polish Business for Selling Coffee, Tea and Spices

Poland is one of the largest countries in the Central European region and it has an internal market that is suited to the import of various types of products. Coffee, tea, and spices are among some of the most important products that are being imported by Poland. India is one of the primary countries of origin for these products, and this particular category of goods is among the top ones exported to Polish consumers, along with oil seeds, seafood, and others. 

The total import value for coffee, tea, and spices in Poland increased in 2017, amounting to approximately 649 million euros. This is a difference that can highlight a growing trend in the consumption of these types of products. It is projected that the total amount of revenue from this industry will continue to growth thru 2023. 

In order to open a Polish business for selling coffee, tea, and spices, investors will need to deliver products that suit the needs of the customers and also secure export agreements with various manufacturers from different countries. Intra-EU trade, as well as trade with countries from outside of the Union,  needs to be taken into consideration for this purpose.

Investors who are interested in entering this market need to follow the general steps for company registration in Poland and, according to the needs of the business, either set up an online shop for selling the items or renting/purchasing a location from which they will sell the coffee, tea, and spices.

How to open a Polish company for selling coffee, tea, and spices

The amount of coffee and tea consumed by Polish nationals varies according to the area (urban/rural) and the age of the consumer. Poland has many coffee shops that offer specialty coffee and use alternative brewing methods. The development of the coffee culture can also provide for an important market in selling the drink for private consumption, not only for cafes in Polish cities. 

Entrepreneurs who open a Polish business for selling coffee, tea and spices can sell their products both to other shops and to private customers. Below, we present the main steps needed to open a company in Poland:

  1. choose a company type: a business that sells coffee, tea and spices can be incorporated as a Polish private limited liability company.
  2. choose a company name: the name needs to be unique and entrepreneurs can check it via our online tool.
  3. draw up the company documents: the Articles of Association and the Memorandum include information about the new legal entity.
  4. open a bank account: the bank account is needed in order to deposit the minimum share capital.
  5. register the business: the company documents, the application for registration and other documents are submitted to the Polish trade register for the purpose of incorporation. 

The market for coffee, tea, and spices in Poland 

business that sells coffee tea and spices can offer a wide array of products to its customers, sources from different exporters. Some of the items that can be sold by such a shop include the following:

  • • Herbs and spices: Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai spices
  • • Coffee: imported, locally roasted coffee as well as roasted coffee beans can represent the assortments of coffee offered. 
  • • Tea: different categories of tea, rooibos tea, herbal tea, mate, loose teas. 
  • • Others: some of these businesses will also sell tea accessories as well as some food items such as biscuits or jams. 

When selling food and drink, investors in Poland will need to acquire the mandatory special permits and licenses. The broader category of food includes a wide array of products, including those that are processed or partially processed. Investors may need to follow the fundamental requirements for establishments that sell food, as set out by the Polish Sanitary Inspectorate. Special rules also apply for the labeling of the products. One important issue to keep in mind is that the labeling should contain a Polish translation.

When applying for the needed special permits and licenses, foreign investors may find that the language barrier is an impediment not only in communicating with the state authorities but also for filling in and submitting the necessary forms. Our team of agents who specialize in company formation in Poland can assist you during the process of registering the legal entity and when applying for special permits and licenses.

Opening a company in Poland is a process that involves handling a few key steps as well as a number of mandatory ones. Investors who are interested in starting a business can contact our agents for company registration in Poland