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How to Start a Bakery in Poland

How to Start a Bakery in Poland

The bakery market in Poland is a significant part of the overall food market and the sector is well represented both by large companies and artisan bakers.

This guide presented by our agents presents how to start a bakery in Poland, the main steps and the manner in which this type of business can also be incorporated by foreign entrepreneurs in the country.

Opening a bakery in Poland

Bakeries in Poland focus both on freshly baked items that are sold rapidly and on bread or pastry that have a longer shelf life, like the products typically found in supermarkets. Average bakeries offer a wide variety of products, so as to satisfy the changing and diverse goods of Polish buyers.

The steps below are important to take into consideration before starting a Polish bakery:

  • – Choose the products: baked goods are diverse and companies in Poland can focus on providing savory or sweet patisserie goods; choosing the type of products that will be manufactured in an important step.
  • – Incorporate: a bakery is commonly incorporated as a private limited liability company; it has lower requirements than the joint stock and it can be used for a small or medium business, suitable for an artisan bakery concept; foreign investors can request our special services for Polish company formation.
  • – Start-up costs: the new bakery will need to be set up in a satisfactory location that will have room for the manufacturing equipment and the staff employed as well as a front store if this is included in the business concept.
  • – Marketing: new bakers in towns like Wroclaw, Warsaw or other locations will want to promote their goods and services.

Company formation in Poland

These steps outline the process of opening a bakery in broad terms. Investors will also need to remember that the baking sector, like any other sub-sector of the food industry, is regulated and special permits and licenses are needed.

Our team can help you open a company in Poland by following all of the needed requirements for the chosen business sector.

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