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The Most Developed Industries in Poland

The Most Developed Industries in Poland

Invest in Poland

Located in Central Europe, Poland has one of the most important economies in the European Union. The Polish economy has performed well over the past years and the country was the only one to avoid the economic crisis in 2008 and 2009. The country’s economy is based both on manufacturing, agriculture and various servicesForeign investors choose Poland because it offers various business opportunities and attractive business incentives.

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The Automotive and Aerospace sectors in Poland

The Polish automotive sector is one of the most important sectors in manufacturing and an important contributor to the country’s economy. Poland manufactures vehicles and parts and these items are also on the list of products exported by Poland. A qualified workforce is one of the sector’s greatest advantages and a particularity which makes the automotive sector attractive to foreign investors. Investors in the automotive sector also enjoy a number of incentives offered by the Government. Such incentives are: exemptions from taxes in the Special Economic Zones, direct cash support, exemption from real estate tax (under certain conditions) and support for hiring certain employees in Poland.

The aerospace sector is an innovative business sector in Poland, due to the importance it gives to research and development in the field. Aviation companies in Poland manufacture aircraft parts and are specialized in the production of different types of aircrafts, helicopters, gliders and accessories. 

The Research and Development sector in Poland

Foreign investments in the Polish Research and Development sector (R&D) contribute to the country’s economic development and the creation of new workplaces. The number of Polish companies investing in the R&D sector has increased over the last years and research and development activities are being developed in all economic sectors. The most attractive business sectors for R&D activities are: aviation, electronics and telecommunication, IT, biotechnology and biochemistry, pharmaceutical products, innovative technologies and many more.

The government encourages research and development activities in Poland and there are a number of investment incentives available for R&D projects, financed through special programs. Poland also offers access to a highly qualified workforce and relatively lower prices for conducting research, if compared to other European countries. 

The Business Services sector in Poland

The business services sector in Poland has been going through a dynamic development over the last few years and the country is becoming one of the leading countries in this business field in the Central and Eastern Europe region. The main advantages of this sector are a favorable investment climate, highly qualified human resources and access to a modern office space market. 

The number of employees in the services sector has increased and the employees specialize in various services, like accounting and financial services, HR support, consulting and IT.

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