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Starting a Freight Forwarding Company in Poland

Starting a Freight Forwarding Company in Poland

Freight Forwarding Companies in Poland

freight forwarding company in Poland is responsible for making all the necessary storage and shipping arrangements for Polish shippers. The company offers a large range of services and can also specialize in niche areas. This type of company is incorporated like any other Polish company. If you want to open a Polish company that offers such services, our Polish company formation experts are ready to offer you any needed advice.

Our specialists in Poland are experienced in incorporating a wide range of companies and their expertise makes them the best partners for foreign investors who want to open a company in Poland.

Opening a Polish freight forwarding company

Poland welcomes foreign investors and, for this purpose, the Polish government encourages investments in various areas of the country through its Special Investment Zones program. Depending on the area where you want to open the company, you may receive important business incentives.

The Polish Company Act recognizes several types of companies and partnerships. Depending on their business goals, entrepreneurs can consider the advantages of one of these business types. The Polish limited liability company is the most popular legal entity in Poland and its suites both smaller and medium sized businesses.

Our Polish company formation agents can help also help you incorporate a branch or a subsidiary of an international freight forwarding company.

The characteristics of a freight forwarding company in Poland

freight forwarding company organizes the shipments for their clients (companies or individuals) so that they may transport the goods from the manufacturer or producer to the intended market or consumer. In this sense, a freight forwarder is an intermediate that has to deal with important logistics issues. 

These firms in Poland specialize in providing services like inland transportation and tracking, preparing shipping and export documents, booking cargo space, negotiating charges and many others. Freight forwarding companies in Poland will typically collaborate with overseas freight forwarders. 

Poland is an important importer and exporter in Europe and freight forwarding services in the country are necessary. If you want to register a freight forwarding company in Poland, you can contact our Polish agents. We can help you open your business in Poland.