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Start a Laundry Business in Poland

Start a Laundry Business in Poland

In today’s hectic world, more Polish citizens and residents become too busy taking care of their daily activities, hobbies and families that they are interested in reducing the time spent on everyday chores, like laundering, as much as possible. In anticipation of the needs of their potential customers, local and foreign businesses and entrepreneurs have started to cater them by opening laundry businesses in Poland. Our company formation professionals in Poland can assist you in opening this kind of business here.

Types of laundry businesses in Poland

There are two types of laundry businesses in Poland:

Dry cleaning businesses: the most popular laundry companies in the country. These are businesses that offer their services for pieces of clothing or other items which are hard to wash at home. Among the most successful dry cleaning businesses in Poland, we mention Pralnia Languna, Fresh Clean and Pralnia Foka;

Self-service laundry businesses: they generally can thrive in bigger cities of Poland, where people are busier. Some businesses offer other benefits included as well, like detergent, free WiFi and coffee machines so that customers can spend their time in a pleasant way while waiting for the laundry to finish. In Warsaw, some of the most popular self-service laundry companies are Osmiorniczka, Blanc Lys and Lili.

In Poland, a profitable investment can prove to be the franchise self-service laundry business. A self-service laundry business is quite different from your traditional fast food or retail franchise in the sense that, unlike other types of franchise investments, it does not necessitate the payment of ongoing royalties or commissions. 

There are no employees, as the business is self-serviced and the time an entrepreneur has to spend on managing it is minimal. Besides, the business delivers predictable profits and it is recession-proof. Our Polish company formation professionals can provide further information on how to open a Polish franchise self-service laundry business here. 

How to open a laundry business in Poland

In order to open a laundry business in Poland, just like with any other company, there are certain steps which have to be followed, such as:

• Notarization of the company agreement;

• Deposit the paid-in funds in a bank account;

• File for company registration at the National Court Register in Poland;

Register for VAT and other taxes. 

Our Polish company formation advisors can offer you more information on how to start a laundry business in Poland. To find out more, or if you need help to open a Polish company, please get in touch with us.