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Start a Bookstore in Poland

Start a Bookstore in Poland

Bookstores in Poland offer a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction book. Polish cities are home to chain bookstores and small, independent stores as well as antiquarian bookshops. 

Investors who want to start a bookstore in Poland need to follow a few steps related to company formation, find suitable premises and hire employees for their new business.

Our agents can help you open a company in Poland and follow the necessary requirements for operating such a business.

Bookstore businesses in Poland

Bookstores in Poland meet the needs of all book lovers and some of them go beyond their classical function by also providing clients with special reading or seminar spaces and selected events like meetings, readings, and discussions. Offering something new or in a reimagined fashion is a good way to attract clients of all ages. Therefore, investors are advised to come up with a business plan and select a suitable location for their book business in one of the Polish cities. 

Entrepreneurs who want to open a Polish bookstore can choose between offering a wide variety of titles and genres or selecting just a few niche fields for their clients. They can specialize in biographies, travel literature, antique books or children’s books.

Bookstores that offer food and beverage options will need to obtain separate special permits and licenses for providing these types of services. One of our Polish company formation agents can help you meet these requirements and obtain the necessary permits according to the specific services you provide and the size of the bookshop. 

How to open a company in Poland

Polish bookstore is typically incorporated in the form of a private limited liability company. Entrepreneurs select an available business name, draft the Articles of Association, open a bank account and submit the minimum share capital and register the company with the National Court Register. Additional permits are obtained after this stage and the company also needs to obtain its tax and identification numbers.

Contact us if you want to open a company in Poland and need specialized, dedicated assistance for starting your business.