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Selling Tobacco Products in Poland

Selling Tobacco Products in Poland

The Polish tobacco market

Tobacco products are a dynamic category of goods in Poland. Although the Government has made many attempts at reducing the number of smokers, cigar smoking remains popular and companies that commercialize tobacco products continue to have the advantage of benefiting from a large number of consumers.

The Polish tobacco market consists of cigars, cigarettes and cigarillos and the more recent electronic cigarettes. The latter have become solid competitors for the traditional cigarette, as they have become widely available in Poland. 

Multinational tobacco producers like Phillip Morris or British American Tobacco have established their presence on the Polish market but a number of other manufacturers and distributors are also present on the market. Polish business owners who want to sell tobacco products in Poland need to observe some basic requirements as set forth by law for distributing these types of products. Our experts can help you open a branch or a subsidiary in Poland that markets tobacco products.

Laws for commercializing tobacco in Poland

The laws and regulations for tobacco producers or importers in Poland mainly concern the ingredients list for the commercialized product and the interdiction to sell them to minors. A tobacco producer in Poland needs to present a list of all the supplements used in a tobacco products, complete with a definition of their functions and categories. The producer must also publish the toxicological data about the supplements and the health outcome. The list is to be presented to the Polish Minister of Health.

Cigarette packages in Poland need to specify the following information:

– at least two different warnings against the adverse effects of tobacco use, our of which a general one;

– information about the levels of nicotine, tar and dioxide per one cigarette.

The information must be printed clearly, legibly and permanently on each cigarette pack. The message must be in Polish and occupy at least 30% of the largest side of a cigarette pack. Tobacco producers and sellers in Poland who do not observe the rules for the maximum harmful substances level, who produce or market smokeless tobacco products or those who commercialize cigarette packages without the mandatory printed warnings are liable to fines and imprisonment. 

Our partner Polish law firm can give you detailed information about the liabilities for tobacco manufacturers and producers who fail to observe the current legislation for tobacco control in Poland.

Tobacco control in Poland

Poland imposes excise duty on tobacco products and the rise of these excise duties also leads to a price growth for these products. Our Polish company formation representatives can give you detailed information about taxes for tobacco products.

If you want to register a company in Poland that sells tobacco products, our experts can help. You can contact our company formation specialists in Poland for more information.