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Open an Air Conditioning Business in Poland

Open an Air Conditioning Business in Poland

Companies that specialize in ventilation systems in Poland offer a wide range of services, both to corporate and to individual clients. Investors who open an air conditioning business in Poland have the option of offering services related to the supply of ventilation parts and accessories or the option of providing air conditioning installation in buildings. 

Our agents who specialize in company formation in Poland can assist you throughout the process of opening a services company that specializes in providing air conditioning installation and maintenance. 

Air conditioning companies in Poland

Air conditioning business in Poland will generally be classified according to the type of services they offer to their clients. Some businesses operating in this field are involved solely in the manufacturing and the supply of ventilation equipment and parts. 

Other types of Polish companies in this field will be involved in the supply of air conditioning installation for commercial or residential buildings as well as in offering related maintenance services. Some businesses can offer combined services for air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration – including those for industrial purposes.

When starting a business in Poland, investors will need to establish the needed start-up costs and the specific requirements according to the nature of their business. Companies that are involved in manufacturing can have larger start-up costs while those that only provide installation and maintenance for clients will need to hire a professional team of mechanics. The Polish company formation process needs to be followed according to the local rules and regulations, both for manufacturing companies and for service providers.

How to start a business in Poland

A few steps are needed to open a company in Poland and they can be summarized as follows:

– choosing a suitable business structure and an available company name;

– drafting the incorporation documents;

– opening a bank account;

– registering the new legal entity with the Polish National Court Register;

– registering for tax and VAT purposes;

– hiring employees and commencing the business activities.

Our team of experts can offer professional assistance to all investors looking to open a Polish companyContact us for more information about our services.