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Open an Advertising Agency in Poland

Open an Advertising Agency in Poland

The advertising market in Poland is one that is keeping its pace close to the level of economic development. Poland has a stable economy and marketers have access to a large internal market that presents various business opportunities. 

In order to open an advertising agency in Poland, investors need to consider some of the country’s particularities in terms of population reach and advertising channels and the particularities for company formation. 

Our Polish company formation agents in can help you throughout the entire company formation process if you are willing to start a Polish advertising business.

The advertising market in Poland

Advertising companies in Poland have access to a large internal market and have access to a large number of Polish customers through television advertising. Television remains the most important media in which companies advertise their products. Expert’s analysis indicates that the advertising channels will shift from printed media advertisements to online and television advertising.

Poland has the following types of media in which companies can advertise: television, press, mail, outdoor advertising, radio and online. 

The advertising market is comprised of large, international companies but also smaller companies that provide niche services or just one of the main means of advertising, for example, online advertising. 

Poland regulates the advertising standards and the law limits or even prohibits any types of commercials for certain categories of products (advertising for cigarettes is not permitted, and that for alcohol is limited).

One of our Polish company formation agents can give you more details on the laws for advertising applicable to companies in this field as well as the special permits and licenses needed.

How to open a company in Poland

Company formation in Poland involves a few key steps, plus the drafting of the company’s Articles of Association. The new business entity must have a unique business name, a bank account, paid-up capital and a registered address in Poland.

All companies in Poland are registered with the National Court Registry, they obtain a REGON number they are also registered with the tax authorities for VAT purposes.

You can contact us if you need to register a company in Poland or simply want to know more about the conditions for investment, company formation, and management.