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Open a Website in Poland

Open a Website in Poland

The importance of the online presence in Poland

When you start a business you should also consider opening a website in Poland. By doing this you will establish your online presence and you will be more available for clients, foreign customers and even business partners.

Some entrepreneurs can choose to start an entire business online and in these cases they will rely on a well maintained and designed web platform to support their activity. In Poland, you will need to select an available domain name and then choose a host a design the website.

Our Polish company formation experts can help you with online and offline business formation. With the help of your experts you can easily open a Polish company or solve any business related issues in the country.

Polish domain names

The first step when opening a website in Poland is choosing a domain name. Businesses will usually use their own name or initials from their name. All websites registered in Poland will have the format .pl according to the country code.

There are various web hosts in Poland and choosing the right one can depend on the budget allotted for the online part of your business. Most providers in Poland will have a fixed price of approximately 100 euros per year and will give you various services and options included in a yearly package. Domain names can be transferred or renewed. 

When choosing a domain name and even a business name you should consider your best options and even register a trademark so that you can protect the image of your company.

Your Polish website

Your website will be your company’s gateway to the world so you should also consider hiring a web designer. An expert will not only be able to create the actual website but also optimize it for search engines. If you are planning on selling products directly from your website you must also consider online payment options.

For detailed information about requirements for businesses in Poland or assistance in setting up a company and an online domain you can contact our Polish company formation specialists