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Open a Telecommunications Business in Poland

Open a Telecommunications Business in Poland

The telecommunications market in Poland is well developed and represented mainly by private companies and international corporations. The number of clients using internet services is growing on a yearly basis and the mobile market maintains a linear growth. 

Telecommunications companies in Poland need to obtain special permits and licenses for the services they provide to their clients. Investors who want to open a company in Poland can request the services offered by our company registration experts.

The telecommunications market in Poland

Poland has a telecoms market that has been developing constantly over the last years. The broadband and mobile sectors as well as the internet sector are very well developed and maintain a linear, constant growth.

Many telecommunications companies are based in Warsaw but other Polish cities provide the same facilities, incentives, and benefits for companies. Investors in Poland can also explore the options offered in the country’s Free Zones.

Our Polish company formation experts can give you additional information about the conditions for foreign investments on the telecom market and how foreign companies can register a branch in Poland

Requirements for telecoms companies in Poland

The Telecommunications Law Act, issued in 2002, observes the existing EU framework for the telecommunications industry and the laws applicable in Poland in this business field are similar or in line with the existing European regulations for electronic communications.  The Office of Electronic Communication is the regulatory agency for the telecom industry in Poland.

The Polish competition law applies to companies operating in the telecommunications sector. Investors who want to open a legal entity that operates in this field must do so by observing the Company Law and the requirements for registering and managing a Polish company. All telecommunications companies must pay taxes in Poland and file the annual tax returns. 

Investors who want to open a company in Poland that activates in the telecommunications sector can contact our company registration experts for additional advice and assistance.