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Open a Taxi Company in Poland

Open a Taxi Company in Poland

Taxi companies operate in all Polish cities, with varying fares. This means of transportation is popular among tourists and locals alike.

In order to open a taxi company in Poland, investors will need to have a business plan and determine the business start-up costs which are related to the vehicle costs but also the Polish company formation costs.

Taxi companies in Poland

Taxi companies in Poland operate as per the applicable national legislation for road transportation by taxi. A special license is issued for entrepreneurs who want to operate a taxi company in Warsaw, Krakow, or another Polish city. 

Our experts who specialize in company formation in Poland can give you specific information on the licensing process, the application, and needed documents as well as the Law on Road Transport

Taxi drivers are also subject to holding adequate driving licenses and a complete training course for taxi driving purposes (an attestation of competence).

Apart from the licensing requirements, taxi companies in Poland need to be registered for business and tax purposes and have a registered office in a Polish city. The taxi company can start with a few cars and a subsequent expansion of the car fleet can take place once the company develops.

All companies in Poland are required to have a unique company name and the same applies to these types of companies. Investors can design their unique taxi logo and apply for trademark registration in Poland.

Open a company in Poland

The Polish company formation process is a simple one and begins with choosing the right type of company. Taxi businesses will usually be incorporated as a private limited liability company. Businesses are registered with the National Court Register and they obtain a tax number, a VAT number, and a REGON number.

Foreigners can conduct business in Poland and they have the same rights as Polish nationals. Business ownership is not subject to obtaining Polish residency, however, visa requirements may apply for some foreign nationals.

You can contact us if you need help to register a company in Poland or if you have more questions on how to open a taxi company or any other type of business.