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Open a Fast Food in Poland

Open a Fast Food in Poland

The food industry is one of the fastest-growing and most significant domains of the economy in Poland. And fast food is a profitable sector to get involved in. 

The other reason why foreign investors are interested in opening a fast food in Poland is because this type of business sometimes requires a smaller initial investment. There are, though, certain licensing requirements which have to be obtained, like for any type of food business in Poland.

If you would like to open a fast food in Poland, our Polish company formation advisors can assist you in this matter.

Aspects to consider when opening a fast food in Poland

Opening a fast food business in Poland can prove to be a lucrative investment. However, strict regulations apply to this type of business as it involves handling and selling food to the public.

According to the Polish legislation, which has to comply with that of the European Union, a foreign investor who activates in the food production or marketing, must register to obtain an approval to do so with the regional sanitary inspector. 

This type of approval is issued after inspecting the premises, at which time thorough hygienic standards have to be verified. 

The local legislation also provides strict regulations relating to:

• Food safety related to the use of different equipment, as well as equipment design and constructions in order to rule out the risk of contamination;

• Certain plant procedures based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles;

• The staff employed to work with food have to obtain certain requirements related to preventing and fighting infections and infectious diseases.

Our company formation professionals in Poland are ready to offer more details regarding other important aspects and requirements to consider when opening a Polish fast food.

Permits and licenses for a fast food in Poland

Since afast food business stores, produces and trades foods which will be consumed by individuals, they have to follow special health regulations and obtain special licenses and permits to be able to do so.

As part of the European Union, Poland has to comply with the EU rules and regulations for food safety. 

The food safety bodies in Poland are represented, among others, by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate within the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Public Health.

In case you would like to open a fast food in Poland, or any other type of business in the country, please get in touch with our Polish company formation representatives.