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Open a Courier Business in Poland

Open a Courier Business in Poland

A business idea for those who are planning to start a company is to open a courier business in Poland. This type of business can be profitable, especially as the company grows and gains more contracts and as it expands its fleet of cars and employees.

In order to open a company in Poland, investors will need to follow a few steps, have the necessary capital for their start-up as well as the understanding of the Polish laws.

Courier and delivery services in Poland

Courier and delivery services companies are an attractive investment option. It can also be a lucrative one if the entrepreneurs are willing to expand their business to other cities.

Most courier business in Poland set up their headquarters in a large Polis city, like Warsaw, however, according to their size and the available fleet of cars, they can provide services in more than one major city. Competitive pricing can be an advantage and prior market research is recommended for investors who want to open Polish a courier business.

Your new courier business must have a unique name, a prerequisite for registering the company, and should position itself on the market according to a targeted audience: corporate clients, private ones or a combination of both.

Investors can also explore the availability of courier franchises in Poland: they can start their business by acquiring the rights to use the brand and business model of al already existing courier company. One of our Polish company formation agents can give you more details on this option.

Start a company in Poland

In order to open a company in Poland, investors who want to enter the courier business need to follow a few steps:

– choose a type of company: for courier businesses the chosen type if usually the private limited liability company;

– draft the Articles of Association;

– open a bank account in Poland;

– register the company;

– handle the arrangements for an office space, fleet of cars and employees.

Other steps may be needed, and foreign investors in Poland may need to translate certain documents into Polish.

The entire Polish company formation process should last less than a month after which the company can start its parcel delivery services.

You can contact our agents for more information about company formation in Poland.