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Manufacturing Food Products in Poland

Manufacturing Food Products in Poland

The food sector in Poland

The food sector in Poland has a great potential for development and it constitutes approximately 18% of the country’s industry sales. Poland is an important food exporter in the EU and for this purpose, food manufacturers in Poland have to comply with numerous European and international rules and regulations for the production of food.

The food sector concerns only the production of foodstuffs and not their commercialization. Food manufacturers in Poland can produce food products destined for human or animal consumption or animals or beverage manufacturers, including alcoholic beverages. 

Our Polish company formation experts can help you with more information about the food sector and the market trends. If you want to open a business in the Polish food sector you will have to observe all the existing standards for food quality. 

Food safety in Poland

Food production and food processing in Poland is subject to numerous legal regulations because of the impact it can have on human health. Food manufacturers in Poland need to comply with the standards imposed by the European Union. Poland has harmonized its laws on food safety with those in the European Union in order to comply with the safety and quality levels imposed throughout the EU. Apart from observing the European principles, Poland also observes those included in the Codex Alimentarius

Exporters of food products manufactured in Poland need to be particularly observant of these regulations. Producers need to comply with the sanitary standards as well as those for environmental protection.

Investors who want to open a food manufacturing business in Poland can focus on one or more activities like processing of animal products, processing of plant products, secondary processing and others. Our experts can help you if you want to register a company in Poland that activates in the food manufacturing industry.

Other aspects for foodstuffs producers in Poland

Companies in the Polish food sector are oftentimes exporters of various foodstuffs. The value of the sales, according to the type of products sold, is in favor of meat and meat products, which generate the largest amount of sales, followed by fruit and vegetables, dairy products, beverages and animal food.

Companies activating in the food sector are also important employers. The workforce in Poland is qualified and investors can easily hire Polish personnel for their food business. 

If you need more information about the Polish food sector and if you are interested in investing in Poland, please contact our Polish company formation consultants.