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Investing in Dividend Stocks in Poland

Investing in Dividend Stocks in Poland

For those who are new to investments, investing in dividends stocks in Poland basically means that you invest in the shares of a company which sends you a part of their profits. So, investing in dividends implies investing your share of the profits in a company. Our Polish company formation advisors can offer more details on what dividends are.

Rights which come with investing in dividend stocks in Poland

In return for buying shares in a company, a dividend investment in Poland offers you two types of rights:

1. You have the right to take part in voting a board of directors who can run the business;

2. You have the right to be paid a share of the profits of the company, at the board’s discretion. This comes under the form of dividends. When the company results are made public by the board of directors at the end of every quarter, they will also make public, if any, the amount of dividends which will be paid per share. Therefore, for example, if a company makes public an USD 0.50 dividend for a certain quarter and you own 100 shares, you will be sent into your bank account USD 50.

Taxation on dividends in Poland

In Poland, dividends paid by a local company to a foreign one are taxed with a 19% rate, except when the rate is reduced according to a tax agreement, or if the dividends can qualify for a certain exemption according to an EU directive. Our company formation professionals in Poland can provide more information on this matter.

Advantages of investing in dividend stocks in Poland

According to our Polish company formation experts, there are many advantages of investing in dividend stocks in Poland, among which we mention:

• The possibility to receive a steady flow of cash;

• The chance to reinvest the dividends to acquire supplementary shares of a company. Because many companies that offer dividends are thought to be mature and quite stable, the share price of these companies could increase steadily in time, while their shareholders also get regular dividend payments;

• A passive form of investing, where all you have to do is acquire the shares, without having to know and follow the market for the best time to sell.

Our company formation representatives in Poland can offer more advice on investing in dividend stocks in Poland; for that, as well as for help if you want to open a Polish company, we invite you to contact us