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Invest in the R&D Sector in Poland

Invest in the R&D Sector in Poland

Poland is one of Europe’s success stories and the research and development sector is experiencing a rapid growth. 

The R&D sector in Poland comprises institutions and individuals dedicated to the development of knowledge and finding new ways to use existing technologies. The Polish Academy of Sciences and other higher education institutions in Poland, as well as individual R&D units belonging to research facilities are the main actors in the Polish R&D sector.

The Polish R&D sector has potential

Poland’s economic growth has attracted foreign investors in many fields. Until recently, the Polish Academy of Sciences was the main institution conducting research activities in Poland

Foreign companies begin to acknowledge the potential of the Polish R&D sector and an increasing number of foreign entrepreneurs choose to open Polish companies and research institutions in Poland.

One key factor that contributes to the potential of Polish research and development institutions is the skilled workforce. The highly-educated employees attract foreign investors to Poland. Moreover, the potential of human resources in Poland is increased every year by the thousands of students that graduate from higher-education institutions.

The private sector plays an important role in the research and development activity in Poland. International companies have already opened R&D centers in Poland and cooperate with existing R&D units. IT, telecommunications and electronics companies are now willing to open research centers in Poland. Poland also offers substantial opportunities in the fields of medicine and biotechnology.

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Why invest in the Polish R&D sector

The stable economic growth of the country and the skilled workforce are only two of the reasons why foreign investors should choose Poland as the place for investment in the R&D sector. Research centers exist not only in Polish cities, but also in smaller towns.

The local authorities support and welcome foreign investments and new science and technology parks in Poland facilitate the establishment of R&D unitsCompany registration in Poland is relatively easy compared to other Western European countries.

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