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Imports and Exports in Poland

Imports and Exports in Poland

Foreign trade in Poland

Poland has one of the most important economies in Europe and the country has shown that its economy is reliable and resilient. Import and export activities in Poland take place mainly with other European countries and the country relies on its natural resources for exports. 

Poland is a founding member of the World Trade Organization and is a member of the European Union. Before joining the EU, Poland managed its foreign trade relations through the Central European Free Trade Agreement. The country observes the main guidelines for trade applicable to other EU countries. If you want to open a company in Poland, our company formation experts in Poland can help you know everything about the process.

Exports in Poland

Poland is a country that owns important natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable. The country is rich in minerals and is an important producer of coal, copper, zinc, construction minerals and others. Some of the most important products exported by Poland are: machinery and equipment, metals and metal products, minerals and fuels, chemicals, agricultural products and even textiles. 

Poland’s main export partners are: Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Italy and Russia.

Imports in Poland

Most of the products imported by Poland are not needed for consumption, as the country is less dependent on imported goods than other EU countries. Poland imports products necessary for industrial reorganization and manufacturing inputsThe products imported by Poland include: vehicle parts, cars, packaged medicaments, computers, crude petroleum.

The main import partners are Germany, Italy, France, Russia and China.

Poland’s legislation for foreign investments is welcoming for entrepreneurs who want to open a Polish company or open a branch or a subsidiary in Poland. The government offers various aids for investors, incentives and special areas for investment in Poland that have preferential conditions.  

Investors should take into consideration the process for VAT registration in Poland when they plan on opening companies involved in the import/export business.

Please contact our company incorporation consultants in Poland for detailed information and a complete offer of our services