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How to Set Up a Catering Business in Poland

How to Set Up a Catering Business in Poland

The catering sector in Poland is one of the most developed industries in the hospitality sector. Catering companies can target different types of clients. The sector is growing and attracting investors in Poland who are mainly turning their attention toward restaurants but also other types of catering establishments. 

In order to set up a catering business in Poland, entrepreneurs need to follow a series of steps and submit the required company documentation. The process can differ according to the selected type of company. One of our company formation agents in Poland can assist you during the registration phase and provide you with detailed information.

We invite you to watch the following video on opening a catering business in Poland:

The catering sector in Poland

The catering sector in Poland has a dynamic evolution: these types of establishments are diverse and are adapting to the changes in consumer preferences and attitude. An important factor for the growing demand for these types of establishments is the economic growth in Poland and the development in other business sectors, like tourism.

Revenue in the catering sector is mainly generated by food production, followed by the sale of beverages (including alcohol) and tobacco. 

Those who open a Polish company that activates in the catering market can choose to incorporate in one of the main cities like Warsaw or Wroclaw. 

Opening a company in Poland 

Catering companies in Poland undertake activities that involve the preparation and sale of food and drinks. Restaurants, bars, canteens, street food establishments and any other type of company that is involved in the preparation, storage, and sale of food and drink (including alcoholic drinks) must obtain the relevant special permits and licenses from the Polish authorities. These licenses not only target the safe and proper preparation of food and drinks but also confirm that the location is suitable and safe for clients. 

Investors who want to open a company in Poland and are in need of more information on how to apply for these permits can talk to one of our company formation agents. 

All Polish companies need to be registered with the National Court Register. Registration for VAT purposes also applies. 

You can contact our Polish company formation specialists for more details on the requirements to open a company in the country, including for catering companies and other types of establishments.