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Forming an IT Business in Poland

Forming an IT Business in Poland

The Information and Technology (IT) sector in Poland is popular choice for foreign investors who are looking for investment opportunities in one of the most rapidly developing countries in the European Union. The global IT industry is always expanding and Poland is keeping up with the latest trends in the field and offers its investors a stable market for internet and IT services. If you want to open an IT company in Poland, our company formation agents can walk you through the most important steps.

The IT sector in Poland

The Information and Technology sector in Poland is divided into three separate but closely related areas:

  • – hardware;
  • – software; and
  • – IT services (implementation, integration, technical service, consultancy, outsourcing, etc.)

Hardware components fabricated in Poland and modern software solutions developed in the country are gaining more and more recognition abroad. The administration sector in Poland is the largest purchaser of IT services and IT products in Poland, followed by the public services sector. The transport sector and the banking and telecommunications sectors in Poland are also traditional purchasers of IT services and products.

Our company formation experts in Poland can offer you more information about the available company types in Poland. We can also help you register for VAT in Poland and pay the necessary taxes.

Why invest in the Polish IT sector

Poland is becoming an important IT services and products provider. Foreign investments in the IT market are a key factor that contributes to the growth of this business field, but Poland has other advantages on its side, such as a highly educated workforce operating in the Information and Technology sector. The employment rate in this sector is expected to continue to grow.

The development of the IT sector in Poland is driven by the worldwide innovations in the field and new market trends. A segment that is rapidly developing is the one concerning applications for mobile products. Cloud computing is also becoming more popular and experts in the field believe that this type of service will develop during the next 2 years.

IT companies in Poland generally specialise in more than one type of service. Entrepreneurs who want to invest in this sector may benefit from government grants for the creation of new jobs and for the costs for the new investment. Our company formation agents can help you pick a Special Economic Zone to open your company and benefit from favourable conditions.

IT companies will need to work with a team of accountants in Poland, such as our own experts. Outsourcing the accounting services is common for IT companies, as well as for IT start-ups in many cases. An expert will be able to guide the business owners through common and recommended tax practices, so that the company will remain fully compliant with the Polish tax, accounting and reporting regulations. 

Please contact our company incorporation consultants if you are interested in investing in other business sectors in Poland, such as consulting or financial services.