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Employment Procedure in Poland

Employment Procedure in Poland

When hiring employees in Poland, business owners need to observe the Polish Labour Code. This legal document governs the relationship between the employer and the employee and sets out the principles for starting and terminating employment agreements, remuneration, working time and health and safety issues at work. 

The employment procedure in Poland begins by selecting a legal form for cooperation with new employees. The employment contract in Poland is the basic type of employment relationship. This document binds the two parties, giving the employee certain guarantees, while creating obligations for the employer.

Some of the employees’ duties and responsibilities are: to perform the work as set by the employer, to perform the work in person and to be supervised by the employer; employees in Poland are entitled to social insurance and to remuneration on a monthly basis.

The employment contract should contain specific information. Our company incorporation specialists in Poland can help you with employment contracts and company registration in Poland.

Types of employment contracts in Poland

An apprenticeship contract is useful for both parties to test if an employment relationship would be mutually beneficial. It can be concluded for a maximum of 3 months and it can be terminated by notice. Employment contracts for specific tasks are used mainly for seasonal work and they define the specific work that is to be completed within the duration of the agreement.

Fixed-term employment contracts in Poland are the most common type of limited duration contracts. The parties may choose the duration as they wish and termination is possible under special conditions, as stipulated in the agreement. A replacement employment contract is a limited duration contract concluded during the absence of another employee (for example, a maternity leave).

The indefinite term employment contract is perhaps the most advantageous for employees because it guarantees stability. This type of contract can be terminated by notice and the notice period depends on the seniority of the employee. 

Employment conditions in Poland

The standard working time in Poland cannot exceed 8 hours per day and remuneration is generally offered to employees for overtime. Polish employees are entitled to 20 or 26 days of annual leave, according to seniority.

The Polish workforce is educated and skilled, however, business owners have the option to hire foreign employees in Poland. EU and EEA nationals and citizens from Switzerland can work without a Polish work permit. Our company incorporation experts in Poland can help you with more information about the legal grounds for hiring foreign workers in Poland.

Please contact our company formation agents if you want to open a company in Poland.