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5 Reasons for Investing in the Polish Automotive Sector

5 Reasons for Investing in the Polish Automotive Sector

Poland has the second largest economy in Central Europe and one of its most important industry is the automotive one. This sector in Poland is one of the most developed, comprising petrochemicals, machine tools, electrical machinery, ship-building and car manufacture (which is almost entirely for exporting).

There are many reasons why foreign businessmen should decide on investing their capital in the Polish automotive sector and here are five of them:

1. Second place worldwide in manufacturing output

Polish Automotive sector ranks second when talking about manufacturing output firstly because of the relatively inexpensive human resources. The workforce is highly qualified in the Polish automotive industry which is especially due to the education system in the country that prepared people for work in this area and many of them study in technical schools (engineering, mechanics etc).

2. EU Funds granted to foreign investors 

In Poland, as a foreign entrepreneur, you can apply for funds from various programmes (OP) of the European Union. Some of these programmes also apply for the automotive sectorOur specialists in company formation can provide you with further information about these programmes.

3. Exemptions from corporate income tax in Poland

Under certain conditions, entrepreneurs can be exempted from Corporate Income Tax (CIT) in Poland or benefit from the state aid available for foreign investors. This value is calculated at 30% to 50% of eligible costs for a large company and for a small one it can get to 70%. 

4. Wide range of investment choices in Poland

Poland’s automotive sector is strongly connected to other segments of the economy as well. Thus, foreign entrepreneurs have an expanded range of areas to choose from when thinking of investing in the automotive industry. Also , this particular sector has enjoyed the presence of major international companies, such as Fiat, Opel, Volkswagen, Toyota, Volvo and Scania AB.

5. Fair cost-to-quality ratio and major vehicle producer

The Polish automotive sector accounts for approximately 10% of its total industrial production, representing about 4% of GDP. This area of industry hires over 130,000 employees, producing around 900,000 light vehicles per year. Poland also offers a fair cost-to-quality ratio and a stable and predictable economy altogether.

Our company formation consultants in Poland can help foreign entrepreneurs interested in investing in the automotive sector or in any other business industry, establish their companies in this country. Our experts can help you open a company in Poland or provide you with information about the advantages this country presents in terms of investments. Feel free to contact our Polish experts in company registration if you need assistance.